Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nature was busy this weekend while we were away, giving out steroids and sweet-talking the shrubs. Lugano has been transformed! Everything is so full and intensely green that when we turned down our street around midnight last night, we both thought we were on the wrong street.

Even my porch of pathetic plants is looking lively. Well, to be honest, the pine tree has still seen better days, but the daffodils are in bloom, the lemon tree has some lemons, and the herb seedlings have sprung up out of their dry, barky soil (making a good case, by the way, for nature in the nature/nurture debate). 

Atticat is enjoying spring here as well, taking the opportunity to bird watch, bug hunt, and sit very close to the herbs on the porch. Boo-kitty would have been going crazy with all the birds around here. 

Hmm... it sounds like I almost like nature. Been reading too much about naturalists lately.

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