Monday, January 12, 2009

The kitty and I noticed an odd quiet noise this morning, a faint ringing of some sort. I assumed was some sort of construction noise in the distance. Kitty gave up his investigation. We went about our respective businesses.

A bit later I went into the kitchen and noticed the ringing got a bit louder. I stared at the cabinet in front of me for a while until I made sense of the fact that the noise was coming from within. I opened the door. For no apparent reason (seriously, I can think of none), the glasses were shaking. I rearranged them and it stopped. 

This is probably some everyday type of occurrence easily explainable by sound waves or nanosheets or something, but I have to say I enjoyed the brief mystery and the thought, just for a moment, that I might have a ghost in the house. Yes, a friendly ghost with a subtle sense of humor – the best kind.


Anonymous said...

was it the refrigerator causing the movement?

jenicrob said...

Or a small earthquake?

Swiss Ms. said...

It was definitely not the refrigerator. Small earthquake, perhaps. Mini-earthquake, though. Tinyquake.

Oh! You know, the train runs under or nearby our building somewhere deep down, I think. Maybe it was a long freight train!

But wait, it lasted all morning. Not sure about these theories. I am going to drink the rest of my Caribbean Caper now.

oijoyphoto - the husband said...

i'm betting on the refrigerator. it always seems to be the wine glasses in our cabinets ringing out. or maybe you should just drink more!?

Swiss Ms. said...

How could it be the refrigerator? Wouldn't it ring every day then?

Anyway, if we continue at our current breakage rate, we'll be out of glasses and free of this pestilence in just a few months.