Monday, November 12, 2007

Caffè italiano

The Italians love their coffee. I love their coffee too, although if I took espresso shots at the bar throughout the day like they do, I would need to seek medical attention (like I should have that one time college when I drank too much chai and had to go sit outside Trowbridge Hall to wait out the shakes). Though Swiss Mr. orders it strong like the Italians in his lab, I tend to prefer the less chemically intense macchiato or cappuccino. We both sip.

We were amused to find further evidence of Italy's coffee addiction this weekend in Milano: a mini espresso machine in the parking garage where we left our car. Why not brew yourself an espresso while you're waiting to use the public restroom? Have a cigarette while you're at it and make it a real coffee break. You never know when you might get access to caffeine again.

This would also be useful in emergency situations when it's necessary to hide underground. Takes the ick out of panic!

I must admit that we did not indulge ourselves here, instead holding out for a coffee near the piazza where we could people watch. So, we ended up at Gucci café instead. Not having tried the coffee in the parking structure, I can't confirm whether it was better or worse, but it certainly was less convenient.

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Jess said...

Wow, that's amazing. Can I get coffee inside Porta-potties? Along mountain hiking trails? From a toll booth? Check it out for me, okay? I think I will love visiting you guys.