Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The green machine

An interesting postscript to my original post about our local grocer. Migros, it turns out, is quite an enterprise -- a member-owned cooperative which offers classes, athletic facilities, banking services, travel planning, cell phone plans, a magazine, and probably many other services I haven't stumbled upon yet, with a socialized flare. Their attractively-marketed Budget line of goods (which still hasn't dissapointed -- even the very dubitable potato chips proved tasty) was created for low-income families. So I guess we are living on the equivalent of food stamps here.

Upon further thought, I must make an amendment:
The Budget napkins, promptly dubbed "crapkins" after first use, were definitely a let-down. We're trying to power through them but are dying to move onto their stylish yet actually functional IKEA counterpart. Who ever heard of a napkin that doesn't wipe?

1 comment:

Karl Rove said...

too bad they don't make budget TVs. The crapkins are starting to grow on me.