Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Mid-Autumn!

Okay, it's a little late in the season for mooncakes, but things just fell into place to make some this week. (How often our actions and ideas must be formed by happenstance and experiences beyond our control or even beyond our consciousness!)

A few weeks ago while buying pretzels at a local bakery, I spotted an odd looking little dessert that looked like chocolate noodles with whipped cream and a cherry on top. My curiosity was piqued, so I was primed for a purchase when I came across the premade noodles at the grocery a few days later. I hardly thought before I put them in my basket.

When the frozen chicken schnitzel we bought for schnitzel and noodles night weren't schnitzel at all, just naked little chicken breasts, we should have learned: packaging can be deceiving. Yet I was still disappointed to open my vermicelli dessert noodles at home and find a big lump of pasty dough. Not having a clear idea how to make this into noodles, we thought, "perhaps we should eat this like pudding?" However, one taste was enough to know that this was a food to be enjoyed in small quantities. And it was not actually chocolate, but chestnut-flavored.

I mulled over what to do with this nutty paste for quite a spell. It actually tasted somewhat like the bean paste found in some Asian desserts, which had me thinking sesame balls for a while. But the ingredients for those are difficult to come by and I'm not really skilled at frying delicate foods. Then fate led me to this interesting little recipe online for Mooncake Cupcakes: bean paste filled cupcakes with date-pineapple cream cheese frosting. Aha!

So here is the very homemade-looking results of this recipe made without a cupcake tin. Swiss Mr. can vouch that they tasted better than they looked.

the a posteriori cupcakes

If only I had a rose garden and some good friends to eat them with!

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