Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi everyone,

Swiss Mr. here. I have abducted this blog for a short Thanksgiving post. Swiss Ms. is hard at work cooking a delicious meal and doesn't have time for well-wishing. However, she certainly wishes all her friends and family well today.

I left work early this afternoon explaining that it was an American holiday today and I was going home to eat. Given the enthusiasm Europeans have for holidays - everyone was happy that I was taking another. Our Thanksgiving meal will feature: roasted chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce (homemade) and a cranberry desert. Dinner will be served in about 2 hours in case you are able to make it.

After dinner, and thanks to the miracle of Slingbox, we will be watching the Detroit Lions punish the Green Bay Packers.

I hope you had a great turkey-day.


Grandma G said...

Mmmmmmmm!!! I'm on my way!

Actually, we did ours last night, so I have the day off today... I can play all day! :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

li said...

Happy Thanksgiving!~~~Jess is in Houston and Han is in LA, Li is here in Chicago and just came back from a 3D movie Beowulf. :) May my dearest Miss Swiss and Mr. Swiss have a wonderful Thanksgiving! btw, your dinner looks great! While as grandma g did, I took a day off from cooking and played all day.

jenicrob said...

I was in Akron with Patricio at his dad's. We had a deep-fried turkey injected with a Thai citrus marinade. The stuffing had shrimp & sausage, like jambalaya. It was, needless to say, amazing. Then we watched lots of football. My favorite game was Kentucky vs. Tennessee (though I was disappointed KY didn't win)--so exciting with four overtimes!