Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I just started an Italian class this week, but I don't have many interesting things to say about it. The class materials make me cranky -- I resent paying 60 CHF for word finds and matching -- but I can't complain about much else at the moment. The teacher is fairly entertaining and, excitingly, George Clooney's neighbor. Despite coming from four different continents, our class gets on well enough, usefully engaged in butchering the Italian language and in being aimless "trailing spouses" together.

Though the class (mind-numbingly) favors the practical, I did learn one interesting etymological tidbit: the word "ciao" derives from the Venetian phrase "I am your slave." It was used ironically among the lower classes, which is reflected in the Italian usage today, primarily among friends and equals. That is really the only amusing thing I have learned so far.

With luck, more tidbits and Clooney trivia to come!


amanda said...

If you want some more "interesting" material, I can send you my Italian emergency room release papers to translate. :)

Swiss Ms. said...

Oh, we have plenty of correspondence from our landlord waiting for translation... but thanks for the generous offer!