Monday, January 7, 2008


While the rain ruined all of our pretty snow this weekend, Swiss Mr., a sullen-looking guy in a suede fringe vest, and I road the train together toward Foxtown factory stores.  Swiss Mr. and I went to see about some sales.  Cowboy he did not seem to be traveling for pleasure; he gravely drank his beer and looked out the window until our stop.  Maybe he knew something we didn't?

Foxtown was crammed, primarily, it seemed, with Italians eager to make good use of their mighty euros.  After an hour or two of shuffling in and out of stores without seeing one thing to buy (at any price, really), I started looking into people's bags (will foreigners stop at nothing?) to see what they found worthy of purchasing at this rambling complex of disorderly designer stores. I spied a suit coat and some t-shirts.  I did not see anyone with the heavy gold Salvatore Ferragamo handbag (1,100 CHF) or the gilded cigarette case (845 CHF).   

We had been optimistic but realistic about the trip, so we were not disappointed that our only purchase turned out to be a mini rolling pin (3 CHF).   The fashion was just too high, the dollar too low, the crowds too great....  Cowboy, it turns out, didn't buy much either.  He rejoined us on the train with just one new purchase, and it was consumed before we reached Lugano.

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jenicrob said...

I thought "a sullen-looking guy in a suede fringe vest" was modifying Swiss Mr. There are times when I would describe him that way (times when he is wearing a suede fringe vest and thinking about certain lab mates, for instance). But finally I realized this was not a description of Swiss Mr. but rather a third party.