Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sei triste?

This morning as I was eating my M-Budget chocolate muesli (which is more or less Cocoa Puffs for grown-ups), I started to think about this billboard I keep seeing, which says Sei triste? (Are you sad?) Its fluorescent colors and perky phrasing makes me think it would be hard for anyone to say yes to such a cheerfully-posed question. I was thinking, if they want people to admit it and call the hotline, they should maybe use a drabber palette so that people aren't tricked into thinking they're not. 

Then I sat down at my computer here and started thinking about how much sadness there can be found in our communities, great and small, and how amazing it is that we actually carry on, day to day, with so many things to be sad about at our doorsteps (if not inside the door). [Lengthy period of conclusion-less reflection about suffering, "magical thinking," heart-breaking times fallen on dear friends, getting old, hope, wrinkles excerpted.]  Not necessarily fluorescent thoughts.

As you see, I am having difficulty finding an adventure to write about this week, unless you count the adventure of having so much time to think.  Which I guess I will.

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