Thursday, January 17, 2008

These are the times that try men's souls.

Have you ever spilled something in such an awkward location that, no matter how many times you clean it, you are still wiping up spill residue in newfound crevices, months later?  

Yeah, me too. 


Grandma G said...

Gee, no photos... or more details than that???

How about 'years' later? Milk splatters a lot farther than one would think! ;-\

P.S. I'm glad Atticus is doing so well now.

fi said...

Yes, my car has a cup holder thingy which I never use. But once I did and the drink sloshed and somehow landed in the the next section which is a little drawer for holding my garage card. It is supposed to open with the lightest touch...ha ha...not any more... and I have cleaned and cleaned it for over a YEAR!!!

Swiss Ms. said...

Ohhh, car spills... EXACTLY what I am talking about. Our luxurious Saturn had dumb cupholders which led to many a spill as well. (JM, I'm sorry to admit it now, but it's true.)

I am in the "months later" aftermath of this particular spill, so the hairy-dusty-sticky spots under the furniture would not photograph well, I'm afraid. En route from kitchen to computer this fall, I dumped my entire (fresh) cup of coffee all over the desk, splattering the walls, the floor, the trash can, the lamp... basically everything within a 3 foot splatter zone, except the computer, which miraculously survived thanks to the pile of receipts sitting next to it on the desk. The neighboring walls will never be white again, I guess.

I think I remember the Car Talk guys giving advice to someone who had spilled milk in their station wagon. I believe it involved gasoline and a match.