Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Traveler IQ Challenge

Ah, geography -- America's Achilles' heel.  I, like most other Americans, I think we can safely assume, shuddered to imagine quantifying my geographical literacy for anyone, including myself, to see. But you'll find that doing so is like touching a bruise: painful, yet oddly satisfying.  (Maybe there is a bruise on our collective heel?)  

Some advice for the quiz:  Speed actually does seem to matter, so if you have no idea, I suggest pinning anywhere ASAP.  Also, do not try to be too precise.  I spent too much time with my face up to the screen, trying to pin specific places in Italy, and I don't think it even mattered. They are generous with the points and accolades in this game.  

On my first try, I made it to level 6, but sadly didn't have enough points to move on.  Got stumped on Castries, St. Lucia, and Victoria something or other which was not actually an island but somewhere in London.  I found the US locations to be very hard.  Apparently I can locate Bern within 30 kilometers, but can't find Las Vegas to save my life.   

How did you do?  I'm interested to hear which country produces the most level 12 jedi heroes of cartography, so 'fess up.

Now if I could only find out where Croatia is....


Christian said...

Level 10 first try - we just have too many holidays => time to do tons of vacation.
IQ 112 [380,000 pts]
Wir Deutschen sind halt Reiseweltmeister.

Wanna go to Croatia together this summer?

Swiss Ms. said...

Okay, but you better to the driving!

The second time I got level 8, which is a little more respectable. I got stuck on Africa. A "little" mistake translates into a lot of kilometers there!

I'm impressed!

lillo said...

First try: level 6, IQ 90 (156,732)

I like to think this is a respectable score for the first time.

Swiss Ms. said...

Yeah. Let's not forget that 1/5 of US Americans are unable to find America on a map.

Karl Rove said...

Level 10 349,00 points. I forgot to click continue to get my IQ.

heike said...

ha ha: level 11
443,800 points

let me be your tour guide on your next trip!!! what about the route Lugano-Florence-Rome-Croatia???

Kimkobiloba said...

ahh...level 6. but i'm at work and distracted (maybe just feeling guilty) so is that taken into consideration? i think i need to learn a bit about where the southeast asian countries are located. whoops!

Julie & Captain said...

Well, admittedly, Swiss Ms. I got the idea from you! Can we still be blogging soulmates?

And my dh was really good. He got to level 11.

Swiss Ms. said...

Good job, DH! Way to represent the USA. If you are from the USA, that is.