Monday, February 25, 2008

Domenica pomeriggio a Como

I realized yesterday that there's nothing like an accordion-player on the sidewalk to make you really feel you are in old world Italy. It totally compensated for the nonnas shaking rugs over balconies, men in bars watching football, and children chasing chickens down the street that we didn't see as we were shuffling down the cobblestone streets with the highly fashionable comaschi (that is, people from Como) out to see and be seen on a pretty Sunday afternoon. 


Julie & Captain said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!

And a while ago, you had talked about a good chocolate chip cookie recipe - one that made you abandon your family's traditional recipe... i'm interested in hearing more!

fi said...

So, is Switzerland so boring that you constantly feel the need to escape? We just spent a week at the coast and I can't tell you how happy I am to be back up here in the dry air 1700 meters above sea level... I'll take Jo'burg over Durban anyday! We have a casino down the road that is an (indoor) Italian village, complete with large pantaloons hanging from a washline, cobble stones and fake pigeons. Every now and then you get an accordian player for atmosphere!

Swiss Ms. said...

We live so close to the border, you could practically escape Switzerland without knowing it! Just like you could be in the city of Lugano without knowing it. :) Hope that, despite the low altitude (and humidity?) you had a nice vacation!

J-u-u, I believe this is the recipe to which I was probably referring.

jenicrob said...

I'm glad you have taken up the Sunday afternoon stroll. It's very European.