Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lezioni en route

1.  When traveling, the best order for things is: listen + translate + think + get on train.  Any other sequence may become problematic. 
2.  Your instincts probably work just fine when you are traveling, so don't stifle them.
3.  Though for many reasons it may seem like it, the word soppresso does not mean "surprise," but "cancelled."
4.  Monza, Italy has a very nice döner shop.
5.  Although you may at first feel a bit naked and pointless sans camera, you will adjust and eventually come to enjoy the freedom of not having to figure out the best angle for that statue or if the sun will make you squint and look like a chipmunk or whether it is even possible for you to photographically capture the essence of a place anyway. 
6.  Having no seat assignments on a plane is annoying, but worth the inconvenience just to see grown adults running across the tarmac in a frenzy.
7.  Honey counts as a liquid. 
8.  A winter high of 60 F/16 C is not that warm.
9.  If you repeatedly think there is something funky about the scale of your map, stop using it.
10. 1 LED flashlight + 3 pairs of striped socks + free parking space = 10€ well spent.

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Lee said...

Haha, this made me laugh!