Thursday, February 21, 2008

Save the budget, save the world

In a savvy budget-saving move, I am preparing myself an elegant leftovers brunch today. The goat sausages will go nicely alongside the mini-baguettes with reduced-fat cheese spread and very ripe kiwi-fruits. And there's some coffee I didn't even make myself. It's like brunch at the Four Seasons minus the butter boy.  

After this leisurely meal, I must prepare for our Italian class, which begins today. We skipped the first session for beginners so we have to make sure that we don't look foolishly self-confident about our abilities. I can't shake the feeling that we represent an entire nation sometimes; real or imagined, this is an extra little weight to bear, a little something else to think about at each moment. I'm so excellent at attaching meaning to mundane decisions. If there were an award for that, I'd be a finalist. Too bad the prize is just more to think about.

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jenicrob said...

I'd be another finalist!!