Friday, March 7, 2008

I ♥ Economics

Usually economics has the same effect on me that starchy food does – i.e., gives me itchy eyes and the irresistible urge to rub my face assiduously. But thanks to our special relationship with the exchange rate, economics has become exciting! We personally get to experience the thrill of market volatility every day. Check out the dramatic exchange rate plunge which began right about when we decided to come here: had hopefully predicted, as you see in blue, that the dollar would recover in February 2008. Unfortunately, as you see in purple, and as you are likely well aware from other contexts anyway, it didn't. (Where's that invisible hand when you need it?) Can whoever has our Freakonomics book look up what we did wrong in May 1997?  

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Julie & Captain said...

You have inspired me to look up the US $/ Australian $ exchange rate. And shoot, it's only $1.08. Shoot, there goes my spending... unless we get a Matterhorn too. Dang it.