Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stuck in the chorus with the rest of the conformist losers

I was in the soda aisle for some Fanta Limone but the snappy marketing of the San Pellegrino Chinò bottle sucked me in. Something deep inside of me – probably the same part that wanted those Guess jeans with the zippers at the bottom – wanted to be drinking the soda in a sleek black bottle with the nice branding. And suddenly it was in the cart with the cheese and the chocolate.

The Chinò slogan: Bevi fuori dal coro – Drink "outside the chorus"
The sophisticat's motto: Il problema di essere unici è che si vede –
The problem with being unique is that others see

Startled is the tactful way to describe our reaction to Chinò's "unique" flavor.  It was both bitter and sweet (imagine a Manhattan without any alcohol.  or a weed soaked in sugar water.) and not at all cokey. As it turns out, this is simply San Pellegrino's version of chinotto, a popular Italian aperitif made from the chinotto fruit. As much as I wanted to like it (which was a lot), I could barely finish a small glassful. 

Why don't I get to be fuori dal coro? No fair. 

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