Monday, April 28, 2008

Snip, Snip, Cut, Paste

Here, I hope, is incontrovertible proof that "photoshopping" has become a common practice in public advertisements around these parts. (I railed against head-swapping a few months back but did not cause much of a stir. The practice continues.) From our local "Liberal Radical Party" (which is actually neither) newsletter, I present to you: 

Floating torsos over Lugano

The (almost) complete session meeting

We count at least three people who weren't there when the photo was taken. And a goodly number of people who wish they weren't. I wish the quality were better so you could see how truly weird this is.


Swiss Ms. said...

I am commenting on myself to wonder if there is a generic alternative to this new verb "to photoshop." I mean, the people at Puffs don't call it "kleenex" – what do the people at Corel and Gimp say?

Samuel L Jackson said...

Unfortunately Pulp Fiction will forever prohibit us from saying that one just "Gimped anything"

Jess said...

The retoucher had a tough time with guy on the left in the arial view photo. Wispy hair is so hard. Poor man. I also like how they don't have shoulders.

joyce said...

i love you jill. so funny.