Saturday, June 7, 2008

Välkommen, Sverige!

The flags have been hung, the cheese has been branded, the stadiums are prepped, the old guys have taken up residence at the bars. Euro 2008 starts today with a match between Switzerland and the Czech Republic. At this very moment, in fact. 

You could feel the energy on the street this week – the Swiss are ready. Today there was pregame honking and gunshots. The Swedish football team is staying in Lugano, so the red and white around town is peppered with blue and yellow. Very hospitable, these Luganese. I'm keeping an eye out for kin, but I haven't seen any yet (other than the ones staying at my house, of course).


Julie & Captain said...

Believe it or not, one of my neighbors just hung up a Croatian flag on their front porch this week. I'm guessing it is for Euro 2008. Or maybe not. But I like to think it is.

Swiss Ms. said...

I see from my handy Euro 2008 poster (compliments of the Postbank Deutschland) that Croatia in indeed playing. I haven't filled out the winners yet so I'm not sure if they won their game against Austria on Sunday. They play Germany on Wednesday. I need to figure out how all of this works. Will keep you posted.