Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The actual retail price.... (2)

Thanks to all who guessed and/or tried to get the answer out of me on the phone this weekend. The actual retail price of these four eggs was 3.40 CHF.

, you win! Congratulations, you are truly ready for expatriate living (and/or an appearance on a morning game show). Let me know when you have a new address and we can arrange a covert meeting to exchange information. Alex also deserves an honorable mention for his guess, which was so close I had to use Excel to figure out who won.  

So, for your reference, this is more than $10 per dozen. 

We ate these little investments this weekend and – no surprise here – they looked, tasted, and felt delicious. This probably won't keep me from buying the much less vigorous but still not exactly cheap "Budget" eggs in the future, but it might make me slightly more resentful. 

As an old coworker used to say when addressing a group, generally after a long unrequested lecture about some obscure employment regulation "The Feds" were going to start busting us on: "Have good weeks!"

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Julie & Captain said...


I think that if your game needs an Australian syndicate, let me know. I might be able to help.