Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The actual retail price.... (3)

I personally think we could have learned the "no speeding through Graubünden" lesson for much less than 260 CHF, but perhaps the rest of Switzerland is harder to convince. Nice guessing, Lillo. Pretty accurate for a non-driver. As a prize, why not pay it off for us! What's a few euros to a girl like you?


jenicrob said...

I think you should always list the real cost in USD as well, so that lazy Americans like me don't have to sit there scratching their heads after you reveal the price.

Swiss Ms. said...

Ah, this was back when the franc and the dollar were about even. But the dollar has strengthened lately, so it's back to about 1.1 CHF = 1 USD. Instant discount for us!

Sorry to make you scratch.

jenicrob said...

Whoa, that is painful!
And, I bet the dollar has plummeted once more in the wake of recent financial and insurance company failures. A great time for you and Swiss Mr. to be over there in Priceyland, huh?