Monday, September 22, 2008

The disconcerted return

I forgot I even had a blog for a while during the past few weeks. It was a nice mental break from trying to seem interesting. Also, I stopped having those "this would be a perfect blog post" moments. So I almost feel like a regular schmuck now. 

Today I have not even thought of a topic for this post. You see, I am still rusty. But by tomorrow I will be photographing my refrigerator or making you watch a slide show of my journey up a foggy mountain or reading to you from a dictionary. And the world will have righted itself. 

At the moment, I have the odd, disorienting sensation of being in a time vacuum. Somehow this last string of trips and visitors has really deep spaced my sense of reality and the passage of time. Even for someone in retiree status, it is bad. I do not think I could not come up with today's date in less than four guesses. I try to have conversations about Gallileo climbing the leaning tower. I worry about how prehistoric people learned to write. I can't figure out if fall has come to Lugano. And I am relishing my current events ignorance way too much for an American at election time. 

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jenicrob said...

It must be hard on Swiss Mr. to be away from the U.S. during the most entertaining election ever. Refer him to this web site: