Monday, October 13, 2008

Aus is! Oktoberfest 2008 in numbers

Beer consumed: 6.6 million liters
Number of visitors: 6 million
Mulled wine drunk: 2,000 liters
Number of oxen present: 104
Number of liter glasses confiscated from would-be thieves: 200,000
Lost IDs and passports: 680
Lost wallets: 410
Lost keys: 360
Lost glasses: 265
Lost phones: 280
Lost cameras 80
Lost wedding rings: 4
Lost angel wings: 1
Lost Superman suits: 1
Lost dentures: 0

The numbers indicate a good time was had by most.

(Statistics from Munich government via Der Spiegel)


Pumpkin said...

The four lost wedding rings made me laugh! But, really that isn't a funny thing.

Swiss Ms. said...

Ah, Pumpkin, I know this only too well. We lost our rings a few days before our wedding. And then in the weeks following the wedding lost another of the replacement rings the jeweler sent to us. So in the end we bought five rings for the one marriage. I can say it's only funny in retrospect and after about a year.