Thursday, October 23, 2008

Unidentified Watery Object

Anyone have an idea what this is? We found it in a little spring on our hike last weekend. Or some of "we" found it. Mostly I stood to the side thinking about lunch while Darwin and friends enthusiastically coaxed this little guy out of his hole and onto a knife via a hiking pole for some light scientific analysis. I thought it was a bit mean of "us" to de-habitat him like that, but there's really no arguing with a pack of scientists. In any case, if you know what this is, we'd all be much obliged to know. 


jenicrob said...

I assume by the dangling bloody-looking appendage that the little guy was required to give his life for science?

Swiss Ms. said...

Checked with Swiss Mr. on this one. He said, "it could have still been alive."

And, just a clarification on the nature of the the specimen: I think it was not an appendage, I think that was all there was!