Tuesday, December 9, 2008

USA or bust!

Tomorrow I leave for my grand tour of the American Midwest: four states, three cities, two towns, four beds, three flights, a ride on Amtrak, and a drive across Michigan. Besides seeing family, friends, and my hairstylist, one of the things I am most looking forward to is, oddly enough, some friendly small talk. I generally hate and strenuously avoid exchanging meaningless pleasantries with complete strangers (or anyone, really), but after feeling mute, dumb, and ignored so often during my travels lately, I am actually looking forward to some unnecessary chatter. It's both a linguistic luxury and something special about the US that I've come to appreciate. Sometimes you just want something more than "buona domenica."  

So, chatty seatmate, gregarious salesperson, friendly flight attendant, neighbor at the mailbox, direct some prattle at me: I have some newfound patience to spare. I promise to listen and smile and comment blandly but kindly, without wishing you would let me read my book or wondering whether you are ignored at home. I will look at your pictures, discuss the weather, tell you where I live, show you what I'm reading, answer your questions, and generally be nice. In perfect English. 


jenicrob said...

I would like to create a topic to categorize some of your entries as "Brilliant." For instance, I would tag this one for that topic/category.

Li said...

Jill, if you let me know your phone number(or if you still keep my old phone number starting with 847-xxxxxx), please allow me to reserve your time for 10 small lovely talks with you, with my may-not-so-perfect-while-must-be-sweet English!;) Miss you! And have a safe nice wonderful trip back home!~~~