Friday, January 23, 2009

Enigma wrapped in mystery

Here's something no one mentions very often: Switzerland is a country that is very open to foreigners. Seriously, I've read it many times and it's true; the facts support it. As you can see below, Switzerland and Austria (another country not exactly known for its warm embrace of diversity) are at the top when it comes to percentage of foreign-born:

Foreign-born population as a percentage of total population, 2005: 

This easily forgettable fact came to mind today as I read that Switzerland is considering to "host" some inmates from Guantanamo after it closes. "For Switzerland, the detention of people in Guantanamo is in conflict with international law. Switzerland is ready to consider how it can contribute to the solution of the Guantanamo problem," the government said in a statement (full story here). 

Um, some questions for you, Switzerland government. Since when are you such a big fan of international laws? Is keeping ahead of Austria that important? Why shouldn't the US keep these people? Where do you hide this high percentage of foreigners? Are there rules about coming out in daytime? Why let them in but make it so hard to get citizenship? Do you see yourself as "the maverick"? Why do the people of African descent sit together at the back of the bus? Are all the bridges in Switzerland really wired with explosives?

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