Thursday, February 12, 2009

All living between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., please

Our apartment building is out of control! Just listen to some of the offenses of the building "maleducati" (as enumerated in a recent manifesto from our management company): not leaving the laundry room clean after use, using the laundry room outside of the established schedule, intentionally leaving the elevator dirty, leaving finger prints on the elevator walls, listening to TV/radio too loudly during quiet hours (8 p.m. - 8 a.m. and during lunchtime), leaving unauthorized velocipedes in the garage....

Clearly the thing to be done to shape us all up is to provide some additional incentive for us to behave, or more exactly, some disincentive to keep us from misbehaving. The "denounce your misbehavin' comrade" strategy for keeping order has failed. Enter authoritarian regime willing to take draconian measures. 

Starting today, those who do not follow the rules exactly will be assessed a fee. How willing to sneak a load of laundry in after dinner will we be if we have to pony up some franchi to do so? (Personal answer: not very.) We must be kept in line or the chaos will seep out of our building and poison the sweet and disciplined Swiss earth.


jenicrob said...

Keep in mind that not even the whistle blowers are safe. Remember what happened to your neighbor who kept complaining that you were leaving the laundry room messy: the management company apparently broke into her apartment, carried her off, and ransacked the place. She must have foolishly turned on her radio at lunch, tidy laundry room notwithstanding.

Swiss Ms. said...

Hmm... I always assumed she got her "come-uppance" from a(nother) disgruntled neighbor. But I guess you are right, the job has the markings of professionals.

We had better watch our backs these last few months, I think. No one is safe. Good point.