Monday, April 20, 2009

How about orange aliens?

The orange we paid 3 CHF for this weekend turned out to be worth its absurd cost: hiding inside was a kiwi-sized sub-fruit reminiscent of an orange cauliflower! We were of course horrified and delighted by this mysterious embryonic mass.

While fully aware how alien seed pods sent to Earth can become body snatchers, we were still overcome with the same insatiable scientific curiosity that has been the tragic downfall of many an unwitting protagonist who encounters extraterrestrial life (with the obvious exception of Elliott - little lucky Elliott).

The alien brain, as it so obviously seems to be, has a tough cerebral covering which stretches around the tender juicy interior like a shower cap. Strong white fibers connect it to the round cellular mass inside.

It seems to have a brain stem.

Whether this young brain will develop into a dwarf tabletop alien or will remain in its nascent state as a sort of computer processor for a greater race of fruit is anyone's guess. But let me just say I will be watching my husband and my cat very carefully in the coming weeks.

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Jess said...

Hey, how ABOUT that orange alien!?! That's the weirdest thing I ever saw. Or really close.