Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bathroom advice

Though I try rigorously to avoid it, I've seen my fair share of public bathrooms recently. My three-pronged approach – drink as little as possible, breakfast strategically, avoid preemptive strikes (also known in some parts as "breaking the seal") – is quite robust but occasionally fails me on long trips, usually because I do something wussy like get thirsty. It is wise to weigh the options well before an emergency situation arises so as to avoid experiences it will take a lifetime or possibly extreme old age to forget. I am a big fan of the museum bathroom, my experience in the superheated, permanently-occupied National Gallery of Scotland toilet notwithstanding; hotel lobbies are also nice. But if you want plan this out way ahead of time and/or become a total bathroom snob, check out The Bathroom Diaries.

There you will find among other over-the-top bathroom venues this flowery "Golden Plunger" winner over at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre. Down in Branson, Missouri, they prefer "good old-fashioned hedonism." Either this is one PDG bathroom or their fan base is not quite representative of the general public – I only know two other people who even have the pleasure of knowing about Shoji Tabuchi (up until this moment, of course). Anyway, Golden Plunger or not, who needs to visit Branson now that they make VHS tapes of the show?


jenicrob said...

Am I one of the two people? I've seen Shoji perform in Branson, though I don't think he had his own theatre at the time. I certainly don't remember anything that fancy, anyway. My brother and I still laugh about Shoji's attempt to sing "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"--let's just say his violin skills are considerably better than his voice.

Swiss Ms. said...

Okay make that four - I wasn't counting you or your brother. Perhaps this ST phenomenon is more well-known that I'd imagined. Or maybe the fan base just goes up as you drive south?

Probably if you had been to the theater, you would have remembered all the violets in the bathroom. I wish the Grand Old Opry had had an interesting bathroom to which I could have escaped.