Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The Swiss Mr. and I – friendless, internetless, TVless, landlineless – have found ourselves recently with a good deal of additional time on our hands. The contrast with our former life in Chicago is a bit shocking when I think about it (or when I dream about it, as I’ve been wont to do lately). We’ve come up with some creative methods of coping – one of them being dessert.

The dairy section in our local Migros grocery store is huge, even when you exclude the cheese. This, as you will no doubt realize, pleases me to no end. And close investigation of this section has revealed a trove of creamy dessert duos, by which we can entertain (and educate, of course) ourselves. Our first foray – the Bonne Maman crème brulee – was not even very successful, but still turned out to be very tasty. The participation required on our part to prepare the crispy caramelized topping was just what we were looking for to break up those long hours after dinner before one can go to bed in good conscience.

(as you might notice these were taken at our rather dim first appartamento!)

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