Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tainted by Rick Steves?

I am a a big fan of Rick Steves. We became good friends during that period last spring when we had three PBS stations and I could watch him every night. In general, I think he's a pretty smart tourist (even though he brings less underwear than he needs with the plan to wash it in the sink).

But Rick Steves is not a big fan of Swiss cities, I've gathered from reading his 2007 guidebook. Having vistited a grand total of zero other cities outside Lugano, I can't yet verify if he's correct or not. A Swiss newspaper does not think so, as I found when perusing Rick's website recently:

I like the part about having a "fine nose at adapting the concept of fast food to travel." Huh?


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Karl Rove said...

is your space bar still broken? thats messed up. that keyboard is probably still under warranty - just take it 2 the apple store.

Li said...

So have you decided where you and Jim will go for your first trip after arriving there?