Monday, November 5, 2007

La strada per München

The ride to and from Munich through the Alps was predictably lovely and curvaceous. I spent most of the trip looking for goats and changing radio stations, and did not document the trip very throughly. Anyway, between the tunnels and curves, it was difficult to capture the scenery.

Although the switchbacks were a bit slow and tedious, Swiss Mr. made quick work of the highways, enjoying the combination of the Autobahn and a nice 6-gear VW. The 4.5 hour trip took us through four different countries, right past Heididorf and Skyline Park, and through several deserted border inspection booths. Border security was rather nonexistent when we passed through, so we weren't able to triumphantly produce Atticus's EU passport as we'd envisioned. Still, we are grateful that there were no problems and that Atticus is now safely in his Swiss home. (He's currently still adjusting, so kitty pictures will have to come later. ) We are also grateful Atticus had such great company while living in the big city (though, sadly, he still hasn't stopped looking around for his buddy Bowser).

More on Munich when I locate the rest of our photos!


li said...

waiting for more pictures, and welcome Attics back!~~~

jenicrob said...

". . . currently still adjusting"--i.e., still hiding. I remember this cat.