Tuesday, November 6, 2007

München ist die wurst.

We returned from Munich full: heartened by friendship, stuffed with German food, and loaded up with goods we can't (or have yet to) find here.

I don't have the facts, but Swiss Mr. counted the number of sausages he ate over the weekend, and I believe it was a worthy amount. One can begin with the sausages early in the day in Munich, so we had a hearty Weißwurst breakfast (Weißwurst, pretzels, and sweet mustard) with beer before we strolled the city. To the chagrin of my German host, I substituted coffee for the beer with my breakfast. Joe, in retrospect I will admit this to be a poor choice.

sure am eating ethically questionable sausages for breakfast!

We couldn't really help but exclaim our love for this country which effortlessly provides so many satisfying and delicious foods. Our enthusiasm (which we hope remained charming) extended right down to the expertly soft-boiled eggs we had for breakfast. But of course, good food is not much without good company, so we were lucky to have both this weekend.

wurst dinner with old friends


john (the husband) said...

so, where's kitty??? i hope
that sausage you were brandishing
wasn't an atticuschnitzel..?

Swiss Ms. said...

Oh! Not ethically compromising in that way!