Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Restaurant Review: Pizza & Döner Kebabs (Milan)

This "slightly shady" pizzeria and döner stop is "not somewhere you'd stop unless lost in Milan and getting very hungry" but the "pretty fast service" and "freshly made sandwiches" make it a "much better alternative to McDonald's."

Though döner connoisseurs judge that the sandwiches aren't "remotely comparable to the Berlin version," more magnanimous patrons observe that "dirt cheap" prices, "fresh pitas," and "kind service" make it worth the stop. To avoid ordering difficulties, be sure that you "don't order french fries unless you know the Italian word for them" as the "French and English will be received by a blank stare."

Recent visitors warn that the restaurant is located in a tangle of ethnic neighborhoods "somewhere between Milano centro and the A9 highway leading north toward Como" and "might be difficult to find again, with or without a map."

Price: €
Rating: ★1/2

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Karl Rove said...

I ate at this place once. I was not impressed with the rubber french fries.