Thursday, January 24, 2008

A collision of cultures?

I haven't ruled out the possibility that the reason this car-pedestrian accident seemed strange was simply cultural difference.  I do come from the land of direct, easily-engaged do-it-yourself-ers, where personal freedoms and rights are king, and the threat of litigation looms around every corner.  (Though I point out from personal experience that my compatriots didn't exactly engage to help while Frau B. and I were crunched upside down in a highway ditch a few years back.  You let us down, central Michigan.)  I can think of many reasons I seemed to experience this recent incident so differently than the other participants and passers-by.

More time and input is required to figure this out, if indeed there is something to figure out.  If secret trysts, parish coverups, or small town nepotism are involved, I doubt I shall uncover anything of substance. But if there's a simple explanation, it should eventually come out in the wash.  I think.

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