Friday, January 25, 2008

Fluency update

In case you were wondering, though I imagine you were not, here are some things I can currently say in Italian without thinking too much.

"What did you do today?
"Be careful! Be nice! Wait!" (very useful in certain lines of work)
"Why don't we go to the 'Caffe degli artisti' to have a coffee together?" (admittedly has low probability of actual use, but it's good and long)
"I'd like a hat, a magnificent hat."
"One of these, please."
"I'm just looking." (usually delivered with a "please don't ask me anything else" look)
"85 kilometers and the department stores are closed!"
"Yes, the bus came early.  Yes, I'm annoyed too."


Julie & Captain said...

Good job! You never know when some phrases might come in handy.

When I moved to Brazil to do my internship in college, I only knew the words, "Eighteen knives please." That and the word for cheese. I think I didn't use those phrases often. But I was prepared!

Julie & Captain said...

Hi Swiss Ms!

I should introduce myself, I suppose. I'm Julie, and I found your blog through Jessica Jones's blog. It's fun to read about life in another country - I'd love to live abroad sometime!

And who knows, we could have seen each other before - I used to work at the Starbucks on Chicago and Dempster in Evanston...

Nice to meet you :)

Swiss Ms. said...

In some ways, I think Hawaii seems more abroad than Switzerland!