Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How much does it cost?

Today I would like to unveil a new blog gimmick that will allow you to participate almost directly in the Swiss expatriate life. "How much does it cost?" is a guessing game that you will find remarkably similar to the grocery game on "The Price Is Right" (the one which always came on when all you really wanted to see was Plinko), which will have the dual purpose of introducing new and interesting market items to you while allowing me some healthful price catharsis. (Sorry, I cannot guarantee wild amounts of fun. But do not rule it out.)

Here's how it will work:
1. I will post a photo of a recently purchased grocery item along with any necessary explanation.
2. You (or someone with more free time than you) will guess the price of item in a comment. (Feel free to guess in your own currency if that is easier.) Oh, I forgot to say that you should guess the price "without going over." That is a necessary part of "The Price Is Right" and therefore to my clever knock-off. Updated April 11
3. I will dramatically reveal the astounding cost of this item and promise to send a real postcard (postage value: 1.80 CHF) to the winner (should you wish to disclose your address).

Good luck!