Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well informed

We recently received a full-color pamphlet in the mail entitled "AlpTransit in Ticino" – 12 full-color pages with updates on all the public construction projects in the area. The Swiss passion for public works involving tunnels cannot be bridled.

I will admit to indulging in some semi-cruel laughter at the expense of this sincere little booklet before I considered how nice it is to know that someone is actually working on the highways and not just closing lanes to torment us like they do elsewhere (no doubt in retribution for all those highway workers we drivers apparently hit so often). I've already misplaced it or I would show you how classy it is. 

Side note that for some reason I am making very small: Although I have always thought trucking to be an interesting occupation which I would consider had I a willing partner and no other tempting employment, I will go on record to say that being a trucker in Europe seems like the worst job ever. Wait, drive through a tunnel, wait again, sleep by law, wait in line, wait in traffic... Maybe in Italy the truck stop food makes up for this, but I'm not sure how it could be worth it elsewhere.

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