Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Successfully introducing American food products
to Europe: Six universally applicable tipps

1. Find a popular American product that is only somewhat processed and could be construed as natural. (If they happen to be chips, be sure to make them at least 25% smaller, since they will be eaten after dinner.)

3. Create a brand name out of some English words (add an apostrophe, warranted or not) and put it in a really original logo (avoiding carefully the use of mustaches or other facial hair which, American or not, is unappealing).

4. Design a distinctive package for your product.

5. Add two layers of extra packaging (to make it seem American). 

6. For maximum sales, include "Bio," "Nature," "Energy," and/or "Sport" on the label. 


Julie & Captain said...


I can't wait to see what Australia has to offer :)

Anonymous said...

Swiss Ms., don't forget to add "omega-3" or "flaxseed" to your package. That's always a big seller.

DC Ms.