Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro 2008 Update

Who ever thought I would be a sports reporter? Wait, I mean sport reporter. I feel more comfortable with the European term now. Yet one of a million tiny transformations changing me from the hearty down-to-earth American I once was. I'm sorry, I will be unrecognizable soon.

But back to the sport – this is starting to sound like a Mitch Albom column.

Last night Spain cleaned up Russia pretty well. I have to say was expecting this – when you send in 12-year-olds to play against grown men, they can only sustain themselves so long. Okay, before I go much further I need to disclose that I was unable to watch the game last night. I will have to stick with existential truths about the teams and sport conflict and avoid detailed analysis of plays (which no one cares about anyway).

Both teams went into this match with all of their hearts. Neither team underestimated the other; they were prepared for a tight match. Any team that reaches the semi-final is a worthy opponent. In the end Spain achieved a stunning victory by way of some incredible teamwork, great technical skills, and wet hair. A joyous pile-on would be the only sufficient way to celebrate this victory; later, a tearful moment facing the crowd would show the Spanish team's deep appreciation of their fans. There was hardly a dry eye in the house, from the world leader trying hard to look composed down to the crazy fans wearing face paint.

For the Spanish, a moment more sublime there could not be – unless they should pull out a win against the Germans on Sunday night, in which case we will all be grappling for more intense descriptions. But that is yet to be seen, as this German team has really come together in the past few weeks. It will be a fight to the finish, and one we shall not soon forget.

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lillo said...

Oh! Nice reporting! You could be Mitch's stand-in.