Monday, June 30, 2008

RIP, Deutschland

I am (mostly) sad to report that España has triumphed over Deutschland in Euro 2008. I happened to be far-sight-impaired during the game, but I have it on good authority that Deutschland wasn't putting up much of a fight. The nearby DFB fans, of whom I have much familiarity due to excessive people watching, held out hope for a long time. The trekkie contingent of these fans never gave up; they may still be exchanging football chants on message boards somewhere. So I am sad for these guys and for my Deutsch buddies, but secretly happy for my second homeland.

I am also (mostly) sad that Euro 2008 has ended. 20:45 in the evening just won't be as fun. But to take the cheery view of the mayor of Vienna: "[We] celebrated King Football and put on a peaceful and glorious festival of sport." Sport, glorious sport! Long live the King! Come back and visit our museums!

I must also remind myself that there's always La Ruota della Fortuna to fill up our evenings after cocktail hour.

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