Monday, June 16, 2008

Euro 2008 Update

In case you aren't filling out a poster in your kitchen or keeping a pocket score card of the Euro 2008 football brackets (or just watching the games), you may not know that the Swiss have been already eliminated from competition. They lost the first two games but pulled out a last face-saving (but unfortunately meaningless) victory against Portugal last night. Now is a good time to buy Euro 2o08 merchandise around Lugano. 

Who is now my favorite team? If you mean "who's my favorite to win the competition," I'll have to admit that I have no clue (but if you made me guess I'd pick Holland). If you mean "who will I be rooting for," I'll have to say that I am not exactly sure about this either. So many potential allegiances among the European countries: Spain, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy.... Okay, I'll take Holland off the allegiance list to keep it simple. And honest. But it will be a tough decision if it should come down to picking among the others. 

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