Friday, December 5, 2008

The seedy side of heaven

In the evenhanded journalistic spirit of Fox News, I present from recent trips the other, less-photographed side of Europe:

Believe it or not: Paris, Lugano, Dublin; Prague, Florence, Munich

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Brett said...

Oh, I believe it. I saw a lot of penises when I was in the military--big open shower rooms. But I have never seen more penises than I did in a small town German train station. Inside and out. Up and down every wall. They each had their own character. Literally, many had faces...and walked on rather stumpy legs.

Anywhoo, I like how the "Sex Shop" is actually a "Sexy Shop". It is the place where you feel sexy, not the place you use for better sex. It is the Bath and Body of the sex world. Maybe it is just a language difference, but it would be fun if it was a sex shop that thought of itself as the "feel good about yourself" shop.