Thursday, December 4, 2008

No way to curry favor

Just a short post today, as I am feeling nicht so gut today. (I would in fact still be in bed, if not for the compulsiveness of the housemistress who couldn't help but ring the bell outside our apartment door repeatedly (6 times in 10 minutes), until finally I dragged myself up to answer in my pajamas, prepared for 1. another lecture on cleanliness, or 2. news of some impending life-threatening building disaster. Thankfully, I guess, it was neither: just dropping by to ask a quick question about our lease!)

Check out this sign from the Munich Christkindlesmarkt:

Translation must be obvious, but here it is (with some interpretive punctuation): Attention: extremely spicy curry wurst, from 18 years.

At first I thought this might mean that the peppers might be at least 18 years old, but after consideration I'm pretty sure the pepper imagery is just intended to be decorative and/or extra-threatening. So, ironic but true: A minimum age to eat curry, but no (real) minimum drinking age.


Grandma G said...

Are you telling us you ate the curry wurst and that's why you're not feeling so well??? ;-\

Swiss Ms. said...

No ma'am. I took their warnings seriously. :)