Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What I did on my Thanksgiving vacation

20 small but important events:

1. Accidentally arranged to have my new bath towel gift wrapped.
2. Got outsmarted by a savvy Paris thief.
3. Ate granola bars for dinner (see #2).
4. Contemplated the countryside while drinking a huge mug of free yet good coffee.
5. Finally got around to reading "The Namesake."
6. Settled for a spoon for my quiche after repeated failed attempts to procure a fork.
7. Realized my "oui" sounds rather "stupide."
8. Giggled with a Brazilian artist during a Wagner opera.
9. Ate too many pains au chocolat.
10. Drank pots and pots of tea with a kindred soul.
11. Tricked baby N. into sleeping all day.
12. Paid 4 euros for canned pumpkin.
13. Struck my undercooked apple galette in anger while serving it to guests.
14. Ate spicy food and didn't even have to make it myself.
15. Had free drinks on the smoker who dropped 35 euros in front of a cigarette machine.
16. Arranged day around a pickle.
17. Gained at least a kilo (#9?).
18. Ran myself out of Lactaid.
19. Watched "Luther" for the first or second time.
20. Wondered if perhaps "Munich really is the place to be."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Swiss Ms. is back! I missed her dearly. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving vacation. Can't wait to read about Christmas vacation!