Thursday, July 2, 2009

king of pop everywhere

Swiss mr is asleep, in a deep, pierogi-induced stupor. I should maybe wake him up, as it's 8:30 pm, but since we can't seem to sleep enough these days I think i'm okay to sneak in a quick blogpost.
can I say how lucky we are to have added some MJ hits to our iPod before leavin for this trip? otherwise I'm not sure how we could pass this time of mourning appropriately. I'm sure cable news is doing a good job for everyone in the us but the BBC has stopped its 24 hour coverage. wait, did i say appropriately? anyway, we are so tempted to see if we can start a spontaneous group moonwalK or if that's only in paris. there were some heartfelt memorials at the us embassy in Moscow. interesting time to be away. I wonder what made us decide we needed billy jean with us on this trip?


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jenicrob said...

Jackson: Are We Mourning a Monster?
The Week, 7/17/09

"Shed no tears for this twisted sicko," said Linda Stasi in The New York Post. In Michael Jackson--whose glowing tributes swamped the airwaves these past two weeks--the world has lost an admittedly talented entertainer, but also "a disgustingly depraved man" who spent his later years dogged by persistent and credible allegations of pedophilia. . . . [T]he sexual abuse of children is unforgivable, and should rule out the kind of posthumous love being showered on Michael Jackson. . . . In the end, Jackson--and the adulation lavished on him--served as the ultimate symbol of the "extreme immaturity and grotesque irresponsibility" of modern American culture. We rack up debts we cannot pay, indulge our whims and grandiose self-conceptions, and behind the walls of our own private Neverlands, ignore troubling evidence that our idols are false.

Swiss Ms. said...

It sounds like Linda has an appropriate surname.