Monday, July 6, 2009

Places untouched by Google

Just had the thought that we should find out where our hotel in Bucharest is before we jump on the train, but it appears that Google has not made it to Romania?

When we were looking for a guidebook the other day (our trusty Lonely Planet having been left on a train several countries ago) some Hungarian overheard us and said "Bucharest? Does anyone even go there?" Well, yes, trying to, at least.

Is Romania such a remote place? It didn't seem remote until we got within a country of it. Hopefully we find a serviceable map at some point or else we may have to throw ourselves at the mercy of a Bucuresti cab driver. Which may or may not be recommended by the guidebooks, we don't know.


heike said...

oh, this is interesting... I hope you'll find you way around anyway and will have a good time. watch out for your wallet! looking forward to hear more about this remarkable trip in a few weeks!! (p.s.: noah is walking now!!!)

Swiss Ms. said...

Ohhh Noah grew up while we were away exploring! Thanks for your message. (We haven't found too many maps in the city, either.) Talk soon!

heike said...

i hope you found your way out of the country again!!!?!?!! where are you now? have a safe journey back to your home base :-)