Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our last remaining wild oats heartily having been sown, we have returned to the wonderfully efficient, arid, nearly-queue-proficient and quiet alpine lands that these days we call home. We are not as tired as we thought we might be. But it is time for a reflective rest to contemplate the vast quantity of information and experiences we have collected. Most things seem to make more sense at home – something for which I know I shall be grateful these days.

So: oat-sowing photos (with our new, not very impressive camera) and maybe even some contemplation in short order.

Have a nice sigh to yourself this Sunday; it's good for you.


JulieAnn said...

Welcome back home!

It'll be nice to have you "around" again! :)

oijoyphoto - the husband said...

glad y'all made it back safely.
what a trip! i'm worn out just thinking about it (and a bit jealous, i might add).

can't wait to hear all about it.

Swiss Ms. said...

Thanks, buddies.

OP-TH, you may regret you said that when we show up with a 1000 photo slide show. :)