Monday, July 27, 2009


The Swiss rapper Stress is not very amused by the antics of the Swiss SVP/UDC party (that's the right-wing party that brought us the infamous sheep ad, the crow ad, and the eminently tasteful grabby hands ad). Upon discovering his music, I was initially just entertained by the idea of Swiss rap. But after watching a few videos, I stopped thinking of Weird Al and wondering about the wardrobe, and began to contemplate his anger. Its apparent earnestness helped me realize how seriously un-funny the SVP's political positions really are. It occurs to me now that I would editorialize much differently if I had to live with this party prominent in my own country. After much consideration, then, I hereby declare, in homage to Stress, the SVP to be a bunch of dirty rotten bastards.


(A warning that, if you watch and/or listen carefully, you may be offended by Stress's - um -indelicacy. Pardon his French.)


jenicrob said...

But where is the French version of his web site so I can read it?

Swiss Ms. said...

Interesting that he usually sings in French but writes (or has minions write) in German. I hadn't noticed that. CH is so complicated!